Winter program registration January 8 2014 7:00-8:00pm Bishop Pocock School
Wildwood Community Association honours other community association memberships.
Please note (**) denotes a shared program with Greystone Heights Community Association.
Arts & Crafts** 5-10 yrs Bishop Pocock School  Cancelled
Ballet/Jazz 5-6 yrs Wildwood School 6:45-7:30PM Tu
Jan 14 - Mar 25 $50
Kinder Soccer** 3-4 yrs Bishop Pocock School 6:00-6:45 PM Tu
Jan 14 - Mar 25 $40
Preschool Ballet 3-4 yrs Wildwood School 56:15-6:45PM Tu
Jan 14 - Mar 25 $40
Sports ABC's** 3-6 yrs Greystone Heights School 6:00-6:45 PM W Jan 15 - Mar 26 $25
Adult & Young Adult
Learn henna** 10 yrs + Bishop Pocock School  Cancelled
Yoga** Adult/teen Bishop Pocock School  Cancelled
Yoga** Adult/teen
Greystone 6:30-8:00 pm Tu Jan 14-Mar25 $80
Bootcamp** Adult Bishop Pocock Gym 6:00-7:00 PM M Jan 13-Mar 31 $60
Forever in Motion**50+ Bishop Pocock School  Cancelled
Jazzercise** Adult Bishop Pocock School  Cancelled
Pilates Adult Bishop Pocock School 8:00-9:00 PM Tu Jan 14-Mar 25 $60
Zumba** Adult Bishop Pocock Gym 7:00-8:00 PM Tu Jan 14-Mar 25 $60
The City of Saskatoon, in partnership with PAVED Arts, is hosting a public art workshop for emerging artists to better understand the art commissioning process, what it is, how it works, the application process, and how to submit proposals.


In Saskatoon, blizzards are a fact of life throughout the winter months. When they hit, getting around can be very difficult, even dangerous.

The Saskatoon Fire Department urges you to winterize your family by planning how you will best manage a disruption in your routine during a blizzard. An effective plan includes what you will do before, during and after a blizzard; and covers all aspects of the normal daytime and evening routine/activities for each family member. Plan to take care of your family’s needs for a minimum of 72 hours during any emergency, including a blizzard.



·         Check out local media for developing weather situations. It is best to anticipate a storm rather than be surprised by it.

·         Plan a safe place for each family member to go if they cannot make it home.

·         Plan a way to contact each other.

 o   Plan to use non-voice channels like text messaging, email or social media. These use less bandwidth than voice communications and may work even when phone service doesn’t.

·         Plan to reunite your family.

 o   Include an alternate plan in case you don’t have enough gas in your vehicle, it breaks down, or transit service is disrupted.

·         Have on hand at least a three-day supply of food, water and medical requirements.

·         Contact neighbours to see if you can work together to deal with potential problems associated with a blizzard ie. power outage or transportation.



·         Stay calm.

·         Avoid travel.

o   If you are safe where you are, stay where you are.

o   If travel is unavoidable make sure you have:

 §  enough fuel.

 §  a vehicle emergency kit.

 §  a winterized, reliable vehicle.

·         Check out local media for weather updates, road conditions and the level of civic services available.



·         Assess the damage to your property, if any.

·         Check out local media regularly for the level of civic services available.

 o   If you must travel, plan your route accordingly. The first priority for City snow clearing is to ensure movement of traffic on the freeway and major streets, access to emergency locations and Saskatoon Transit DART routes.

 o   Be prepared to move your vehicle if you live on a designated Snow Route street/street segment.

·         Exercise caution and care when shovelling snow, especially during very cold weather.

·         Re-evaluate your family’s Winterization Plan.


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