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2012-2013 Board Members

President: Jerrett Bergovich jsbergovich@shaw.ca

Past President: Chantal Diakuw cdiakuw@shaw.ca

Treasurer: Keith Weisgerber ksweisgerber@sasktel.net

Secretary: Christy Johnson christyj@gmail.com

Membership Coordinator: Lana Dawson ldawson987@hotmail.com

Communications (& Newsletter) Coordinator: Jaimie Lemire info@ourwildwood.ca

Soccer: Lindsay Bergovich wildwoodminisoccer@gmail.com

Basketball: Ashlea Farkas wildwoodbball@gmail.com

Football: Natalie Laing nat_granger@hotmail.com

Indoor Coordinator: Shelley Barker shelley.barker@hotmail.com

Childrens programming: Rob Cowan wildwoodkidsprograms@gmail.com

Golf: Todd Marien todd.marien@sasktel.net

Social: Gary Baba g.n.baba@sasktel.net

Rink Coordinator: Hank Michell hsmichell@sasktel.net 

We encourage you to contact any of the board members if you have questions or concerns and if you have something positive you want people to know about!

wca board 2013 mar 005 

 WCA 2013 Board Members 

Top row : Alison Kraft, Ashlea Farkas, Lana Dawson, Lindsay Bergovich, Jaimie Lemire, Christy Johnson

Bottom row: Keith Weisgerber, Jerret Bergovich, Natalie Laing, Dayna Cockwill










What do we, as Members of the Board, do?

Generally, there are board meetings once a month (except December and the summer months). Positions are usually two year terms, but this is not strictly upheld.



This person is the overall leader of the association and ensures objectives are carried out. S/he will preside over the board meetings and Annual General Meeting and must prepare the agenda for both. pan>S/he must ensure the meetings run smoothly and quickly in a positive atmosphere. S/he has signing authority for all payments, legal papers and contracts.



Assists the president in overall leadership of the association and helps out wherever necessary.



This person is responsible for the overall financial matters of the association and does this by maintaining financial records of the association in accordance the general accounting practices. S/he prepares and presents current financial statements at each Board meeting and also of the annual budget. S/he prepares and pays all payables and coordinates collection of registration fees and membership fees. S/he prepares grant application forms and submits them to Leisure Services. This person also prepares all floats for registration events and balances monies received from them.



The Secretary takes the minutes at the meeting and types them out for the board, and makes the revisions needed.  The Secretary is also responsible for booking the rooms and equipment for meetings and special events (such as the Fall Supper and registration nights).


Basketball Coordinator

Usually the first 2 months of the year would be the most work that the coordinator would have to do.  Here that coordinator would have to do the community registration and what is called the zone registration for those players that missed the community night.  The zone registration is mainly for the older players, like grades 9-12 and here you have a chance to trade players to other areas or ask for players to Wildwood to add to the existing team.  Once the teams are organized, then there is a deadline for the SMBA to register the teams online.  Then later on in the month all players need to be registered online also.  For Wildwood, last year we only had 3 teams, so this is not a big deal.  Once this is done, then the basketballs and uniforms must be distributed to the coaches for the coming year.  This is the majority of the work with a few small things along the line.


Softball Coordinator

The softball coordinator has 3-4 meetings with the other coordinators in the Zone. This person fills out the registration forms for the city and drops it off at the softball association office. You would coordinate the number of players on the teams with the other area coordinators. Distributing the equipment and ball uniforms at the start of the season and collects the same at the end of the season is another duty. You would also need to purchase equipment if needed and make sure that there are enough coaches.


Soccer Coordinator

After registration night, the next 4 weeks are the busiest time.  You need to register each team with SYSI and to find coaches.  SYSI will send you an information package with step-by-step instructions on how to register all the teams.  After finding all the coaches, you will need to organize all the soccer equipment so that each team has enough jerseys and balls for the amount of players they have.  For soccer we get around 6 teams in the outdoor season and around 4 teams in the indoor season.  At the end of the season you will need to contact each coach and ask them to return all the jerseys and equipment to you so that you can count it and if need be purchase more equipment that went missing or has been damaged throughout the season.

Football Coordinator

Still looking for detailed information on this position at the time this is printed. We have not had a football program for over a year. If you might be interested in getting things going for the next season, please let any of the board members know and we will get information to you.


Indoor Kids Coordinator & Indoor Adult Coordinator

New position, with room for creativity.  The indoor coordinators plan the programming for the Fall and Winter sessions.  Some of this just carries on from year to year (i.e. kindersoccer), but effort is made with the assistance of the City of Saskatoon to explore new programs.  These people then handle the registration tables for these programs at the community registration night.  Contracts are sometimes signed with various instructors, and payment is made at the end of the program, if necessary.  Gym booking arrangements are made with the Bishop Pocock School secretary.  These positions are busiest just before and after registration time in September and January.  Often new class ideas come from those interested in running them, so not all new class ideas must come from you!!


Outdoor/Spring Coordinator

New position, with room for creativity. The Adult and Kid Indoor Coordinators are limited to indoor pursuits as their name suggests. The Outdoor/Spring coordinator would oversee spring registration (a very small task) but would also explore the creation of new outdoor programs in Spring, such as running or walking clubs, kitemaking/flying clubs, etc. (especially for those without kids/with older kids).


Membership Coordinator

This person keeps all membership materials, runs the membership table at registration nights and most community events, and supplies membership details to Board.  Room for creativity to come up with ideas to sell more community memberships (the WCA’s main source of income) but this aspect is not necessary.


Communications Coordinator

In a nutshell, this person tries to put a ‘face’ to the WCA, by getting in touch with the community via newsletters, website, posters and of course being at the registration nights and events that the WCA puts on. We try to let people know what’s going on, what needs to be done and also to let the Wildwood residents know we are regular people trying to make ours a better community!


Newsletter Coordinator

Puts the newsletter together about three times a year, Fall, Winter and Spring. Distributes to the schools and the Lakewood Civic Centre.



To send invitations to our social functions such as the winter fun day and the fall supper to the Mayor and Tiffany Paulsen. If a street light, or park light was burned out people may get ahold of this person and that person would pass along the info to the correct dept. at city hall, but things like that rarely happen. Occasionally, the director is involved with the school zones and the planning of the Safe crosswalks at both schools. To be responsible for the insurance, which is also dealt with by the Treasurer.



These people participate as members of the Board of Directors by attending monthly Board meetings and representing the general membership on issues of interest or concern.


Volunteer Coordinator

Create and keep a list of potential volunteers the community, assist other Board members who are in need of volunteers in their particular areas to find them (mainly through email), formally thank all volunteers on behalf of the WCA.