January 19, 2009

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Wildwood Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2009

At Wildwood Public School


In Attendance:  Nicole Eramian, Bonnie McLaren, Rob Pasishnik, Todd Marien,  Susan Mogenson, Jorgen Lorenzen, Terry Fusco, Chantelle Diakuw, Tiffney Forsberg, Gary Baba, Steve Atkinson, Henry Dutka, Erica Florizone



1.  Call to Order:  By Steve 7:34 PM


2.  Approval of Agenda:

l  MOTION to approve agenda:  Todd

l  Seconded by Gary



3.  Vote on last (this?) year’s  budget:

l  the minutes from the June 2008 meeting are missing and that is the meeting where we approved the budget

l  we need to re-vote on the budget for our records

l  MOTION to approve the budget: Todd

l  Seconded by Terry



4.  Adoption of minutes from December 2008

l  the “?” in the Social report (6 i) should be the Sask. Lotteries grant                      

l  MOTION to accept the minutes with the above change: Steve

l  Seconded by Susan



5.  Other Business:

l  snow on paths in park needs to be removed, will bring it up with Henry


6.  Community Consultant’s Report:

l  the “What Works” program is coming up on February 28,and a good event to attend

l  cost is $20, any board member is welcome to attend

l  registration deadline is February 4

l  Volunteer Appreciation Party is April 30 at the Odeon, invitations are coming

l  Winter Shines is being put on by Sask. Tourism – lots of fun events

l  Youth Blast, a fun program for kids aged 12-18 is happening Saturday evenings 8:15-10:00 at Lakewood Civic Centre


7.  Directors’ Reports:


a) Finance

l  December: see e-mailed report

  MOTION to accept report: Todd

  Seconded by Susan


l  January

  GIC: the amount in it is actually different than on the report, Todd just hadn’t received the current statement on time for the meeting, updated amount will appear on net report

  we just had the worst Winter Registration ever

  balance is $585  and have approximately $2000 in deposits, and approximately $2000 in insurance due soon

  if we don’t get enough memberships at March registration night, we may have to dip into the GIC (for sure by next winter, unless numbers go up considerably)

  MOTION to accept report: Todd

  Seconded by Susan


l  Request from Wildwood Public School Parent Association’s Tom Kischuck for $172.50 for remainder of what we agreed to donate for sign

l  Todd received two letters from Dakota Dunes

  the grant has been stayed for this quarter

      next grant application is due April 15

  we owe an accounting of the expenditures for the rink shack within 14 days (of January 6)

      will get it to them by end of the week

      upon receipt (and their approval) of the list, Dakota Dunes will release the rest of the funds


b.) Communications

l  Steve has been in contact with Web-station, a company that hosts, designs, provides web-based software for websites and training for the webmaster

l  is waiting on a quote for the service

l  MOTION Steve will talk to Web-station to set up contract with them for the above service for an amount under $1000/year: Todd

l  Seconded by Susan



c.)  Indoor Activities – Children

l  Winter registration report:

  youth volleyball: 10 people

  Kindersoccer: 5 kids, new coach

  Sports Variety Pack: 6 kids

  Fantastic Flying Machines: no registrants!

      instructor willing to push start date to try to get kids signed up

  Family swim: the one spot was taken

  Family floor hockey cancelled


d.)  Indoor Activities – Adult

l  Yoga is “a go”

l  Tai Chi is cancelled

l  Volleyball is still a “go”


e.)  Soccer

l  no report


f.)  Basketball

l  has a cheque coming in


g.)  Civics

l  no report


h.)  Softball

l  (via e-mail to Susan) request to change registration night in March to late February as to meet the softball association’s date

  not a good idea, people in community are used to it being the first Thursday of March, people will miss the night

  get Keith to write a blurb about registration dates for newsletters (get it to Sherralee)


i.)  Social

l  Winter Fun day in Park is February 22, 1-4PM

  horse drawn sleigh will cost $5??

  need to put up pylons for line-up area for sleigh ride

  Gary needs numbers of coffee, hot chocolate and donuts to order

  will order hot dogs and bring hot dog machine

  Family Skate 1:00-3:00 and after 3:00 will be Shinny

  possible membership drive at event

  get Sherralee to get on signs

  Nicole will book Community Room

l  For Fall Supper ’09 have applied for more money on grant to possibly get an Astrojump or similar activity for kids


j.)  Rink

l  people want keys to shack, we have responsibility if shack is open so there needs to be a supervisor present if shack is open

  need a statement of policy for safety reasons

  put a notice in newsletter to contact Jorgen if interested in supervising

  will get both locks changed, only rink supervisors, flooders and Jorgen will have keys

  maybe create a sign-up sheet for supervision for people to get a key

l  need a bench outside for people to put on skates

l  shack materials came to just under $4000, about $198 over budget

  future improvements: need to decide before grant deadlines

l  where is missing hockey net?

  Tim Haight still has it, he got it repaired and just hasn’t brought it back

  Todd will e-mail Tim to remind him to get it back to us

l  we need shovels, first aid kit (can take it out of unused flooding money from November)

l  feel that it is reasonable to continue charging rental from Kinsman Football for use of shack

  Jorgen will draft letter

  MOTION to approach Kinsman Football for an annual usage fee of $500: Jorgen

  Seconded by Todd



k.) Members at Large

l  no report


l.)  Secretary

l  no report


m.) Past President

l  no report


n.)  President

l  will work on website

l  church leaders (?)

l  retirement homes (?)

l  Bishop Pocock science room has a bag of stuff that is ours.  What is it?

  Erica will follow up


8.  Next Meeting Date:  March 16, 2009 at Wildwood School (February meeting cancelled)


9.)  Adjournment:  9:45