March 16, 2009

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Wildwood Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2009

At Wildwood Public School


In Attendance:  Jorgen Lorenzen (left early), Terry Fusco, Chantelle Diakuw, Steve Atkinson, Erica Florizone (came later to make up quorum), Sherralee Hanson, Megan Gustafson, Bonnie McLaren



1.  Call to Order:  By Steve 7:37 PM


2.  Approval of Agenda:

l  MOTION to approve agenda: 

l  Seconded by


3.  Adoption of minutes from January 2009

l  minutes from the January 2009 meeting are not available at this meeting     

l  carried over to next meeting in April


4.  Other Business:

  • none


5.  Community Consultant’s Report:

  • Henry not in attendance
  • Report sent via email


6.  Directors’ Reports:


a)   Finance

l  Need quorum to carry motion to accept report (waiting for more people to show for meeting)

l  January

l  MOTION to accept report: Steve

l  Seconded by Terry



b)   Communications

l  wondering about new website; Steve has more info

l  will put out email to WCA email list and reminder in school newsletters re recruitment for next year

l  next event is Volunteer Appreciation night in June


c)   Indoor Activities – Children

l  no report


d)   Indoor Activities – Adult

l  no report


e)   Soccer

l  Sask Soccer wants to take over Kindersoccer for 09-10 season

l  System similar to Timbits

l  We have 6 teams in total; 73 plus for soccer total

l  Kindersoccer

  Can we still run on 2-3 kids

  Megan would like to run a class; will talk later about getting info out

  For ages 3-5

  Megan will coach; need parents help

  Terry says there has been no Kindersoccer since he’s been on board

  We should offer this to get kids out and exercising

l  Terry:

  Motion to carry $1,840 for Mini-soccer: register 6 teams to Sask Soccer

  Seconded by Chantelle


l  Gone through soccer equipment

  Half the balls don’t hold air

  Terry can get 30 balls through Extreme Sports for about $11/ball for total of $350 + taxes

  Motion to get new ball for up to approximately $400

  Seconded by Megan



f)   Basketball

l  no report


g)  Civics

l  wondered about insurance policy renewal

l  Steve confirms he has signed cheque for late fee and renewal


h)   Softball

l  no report


i)    Social

l  no report


j)    Rink

l  Rob & Kelly are done for the season

l  Need to send them a card or letter with thanks

l  Adam will not be here for last week

l  Rink closing now

l  Locks being changed this weekend on rink shack

l  Terry will be affected by this – needs access; will talk to Jorgen

l  Letter sent to Kelly Bowers (Kinsmen)

  Want them to pay fee

  $500/yr (needs to be collected)

l  Jorgen will make up list of improvements for upkeep of rink shack

l  Looking for volunteers for spring fix – needs to be in newsletter and website


k)   Members at Large

l  no report


l)    Secretary

l  no report


m) Vice President

l  Chantelle attended the Volunteer Conference

l  Brought back notes with ideas for “marketing your community”

l  Will look into some fundraising ideas


n)   Past President

l  no report


o)  President

l  new website will be done by OTV sometime in next few months

l  working on design

l  concern about on-line payment option

l  Terry will donate maps for website

l  Need to start taking pictures at events for the website

l  Start getting fundraising ideas for next year


7.  Next Meeting Date:  April 20, 2009 at Wildwood School (February meeting cancelled)


8.  Adjournment:  8:30