May 11, 2009

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Wildwood Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2009

Wildwood Public School

In Attendance: Sherralee Hanson, Steve Atkinson, Chantelle Diakuw, Gary Baba, Susan Mogenson, Erica Florizone, Terry Fusco, Henry Dutka, Nicole Eramian, Todd Marien

1. Call to Order: by Steve 7:30.

2. Approval of Agenda:

  • MOTION to approve agenda Steve
  • Seconded by Susan

3. Adoption of minutes from April Meeting:

  • MOTION to Approve April 2009 minutes by Gary
  • Seconded by Susan

4. Other Businesses:

need to find AGM minutes

5. Community Consultant’s Report:

  • need to get programming in order
  • Erica has ideas for youth programming
  • glad for Volunteer Appreciation entries
  • Website workshop may be repeated in 12-18 months
  • waiting for funding paperwork
  • will get a grant $4000-$5000

6. Directors’ Reports

a) Finance

  • report is not done, will get it for next meeting
  • board members need to get budgets filled out for 2009-2010 by next meeting
  • missed deadline for rink improvement grant, but we don’t really need it this year
  • need someone to handle Dakota Dunes applications

 next deadline is July 15

b) Communications:

  • need to get positions for next years board out in newsletter
  • e-mail newsletter

 will include website reconstruction, cost as a barrier

  • will create Facebook group
  • still needs to talk to Keith about new signs

c) Indoor Activities – Children:

  • thanks to Megan for the kindersoccer
  • 15 kids are registered
  • couldn’t get gym at Wildwood (6:15-6:45)
  • Erica will ask Carol at Bishop Pocock about their gym
  • kindersoccer balls are on the way

d) Indoor Activities – Adults/Youth

  • Erica has talked to Tiffney about adult programming

 wants to do a learn to knit program for ages 10 to adult at McClure apartments

  • Youth Program:

 used to get programming (can still), had issues last year with lack of structure and out of control behaviour

 will wait a few years before bringing it back

 new ideas: cheerleading, hip hop, etc.

can get extra funding for instructors, equipment etc.

maybe make family oriented

other ideas: chess club/boardgame nights, dance classes, yoga for ages 12+, extreme frisbee

the more activities we have the better, will getmore people out

e.) Soccer:

  • lots of late registrations
  • MOTION by Terry: to get $300 for FOSS tournament ($50/team for 6 teams) put on by Saskatoon Youth Soccer
  • Seconded by Susan
  • teams are too large, lots of people registering late had to turn people away
  • need some sort of central communication between soccer co-ordinators in different Community Associations
  • we either need more teams or limit to 9 kids per team
  • need more jerseys in larger sizes

 MOTION (on-line) Terry to buy 12 more jerseys in larger sizes

 Seconded by Gary


f.) Basketball:

  • were three teams this winter

 2 were in second place (midget girls and mini boys), 1 in third (bantam boys)

 Rob is resigning, will carry on to October to make sure there is smooth transition to new co-ordinator

g.) Social

  • we received $900 grant for fall supper
  • Wildwood school principal wants us to pick either September 25, or October 2
  • MOTION: by Gary to have the event September 25 from 5:00-9:30
  • Seconded by Todd

h.) Past President

  • no report

i) President

  • website: Terry will get maps to Steve

 Carrie (?) will get newsletter to Steve

 add calendar of events

  • Kim Gilbert from Lakeview Church gave us a survey to do at our Leisure

7.) Next Meeting: June 15 at 7:30 in Bishop Pocock

8.) Adjournment: 9:02