Fall 2021 Update from Our President

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Dear Wildwood Residents & WCA Members,

On behalf of your Wildwood Community Association (WCA) Board of Directors, I hope you are enjoying the summer, staying healthy and looking forward to an active fall. It was wonderful to have an actual event to help plan this summer with the Sum Theatre performing an excellent show of The Other Side of the River. We had over 200 people come out
to enjoy the free event, and some were even able to get a vaccination! Many thanks to the Sum Theatre!

Now school is starting again soon, as are many local programs organized and supported by the WCA. There is something for everyone! Please see our extensive community activity list here in the newsletter, and visit www.ourwildwood.ca for online registration and for more information. Let’s get out and participate! Safely! Many thanks to our WCA Board who have continued to actively seek out excellent options to allow for safe in-person activity programming in our community, both for adults and children.
Also, save the date for the Wildwood Community Association Annual General Meeting – Tuesday, September 14th at 5:00 PM in the hockey rink behind Bishop Pocock School, 227 Avondale Road. Please plan to come out to join us for the short meeting and some safe treats.

If you have any questions or concerns about living in Wildwood, or wish to attend a WCA Board meeting, please do not hesitate to contact the WCA directly through the Contact Us section on our website.


Patrick Hauser
2020-2021 Wildwood Community Association President

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