2012-2013 Board Members


Vice President

Danya Muso

Robin Mowat



Treasurer Erin Mitchell treasurer@ourwildwood.ca
Secretary Amy Josephson amyjo42@gmail.com
Membership Coordinator Kari Froehlich membership@ourwildwood.ca
Communications Coordinator & Newsletter Jaimie Lemire info@ourwildwood.ca
Soccer Rob Cowan wildwoodminisoccer@gmail.com
Basketball Tracy Zhang basketball@ourwildwood.ca
Indoor Coordinator: Melissa Zink programs@ourwildwood.ca
Childrens programming: Patrick Hauser wildwoodkidsprograms@gmail.com
Social Vacant
Rink Coordinator Chris Gillings  wildwoodrink@gmail.com

We encourage you to contact any of the board members if you have questions or concerns and if you have something positive you want people to know about!

WCA 2013 Board Members 

Top row : Alison Kraft, Ashlea Farkas, Lana Dawson, Lindsay Bergovich, Jaimie Lemire, Christy Johnson
Bottom row: Keith Weisgerber, Jerret Bergovich, Natalie Laing, Dayna Cockwill

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