December 1, 2008

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Wildwood Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2008

At Bishop Pocock School



In Attendance: Nicole Eramian, Sherralee Hanson, Susan Mogenson, Terry Fusco, Erica Florizone, Todd Marien, Henry Dutka, Jorgen Lorenzen, Gary Baba, Keith, Weisgerber, Chantelle Daikuw, Rob Pasishnik, Bonnie McLaren


1. Call to Order: Susan 7:35


2.  Approval of Agenda

l  take off the adoption of June 2008 minutes, as they are still missing

  if the minutes can not be found, we will have to re-approve budget since June was our budget meeting

l  MOTION to accept the agenda as changed: Sherralee

l  Seconded by Keith



3.  Adoption of minutes from October 2008

l  no changes needed

l  MOTION to accept:  Chantelle

l  Seconded by Gary



4.  Review of Action Items

l  website – no news, carry to the next meeting


5.  Community Consultants Report

l  make sure contact information Henry has is up to date and initial what information can be used to contact you

l  vandalism: $1200 of damage was done to sprinkler heads in park, report if you see anything

  possibly invite Community Watch to give update

l  thanks to Jorgen  for going to rink training

l  see report


6.  Director’s Reports

a) Finance Report – October Report          

l  see e-mailed report

l  rink is over budget

  will talk about it next moth, possibly increase budget

l  we received a rent cheque from Kinsmen Football for use of shack for storage

l  the transfer on report is an old cheque written to Lakeridge Community Association that they never cashed and asked to have re-issued

l  Dakota Dunes grant needs to be spent on materials for rink shack repair

  Todd will forward receipts to them

l  advertise (thanks to DD?) on website newsletter, maybe paint log on ice (will have to get approval from Dakota Dunes to use logo)

l  Wildwood school sign issues have been resolved

l  MOTION to accept finance report: Todd

l  Seconded by Sherralee



b)  Communications Report

l  website, no information yet

l  will get posters for rink supervisor position

  maybe send out e-mail to Community Association members 

l  Sherralee needs programming information for next term so she can get it on newsletter

  Erica will get her information to her and will get Tiffany to get her information in


c)  Indoor Activities – Children

l  Erica owes a document to Henry

l  instructors for next term are confirmed

  Tae Kwon Do instructor is probably moving, so he will probably not be available


d) Indoor Activities – Adult

l  absent


e)  Soccer

l  $420 received to pay for SISCO tournament


f)  Basketball

l  nothing to report


g)  Civics

l  nothing to report


h)  Softball

l  area wide registration night needs to get in newsletter (date?)

  Sherralee will get in in newsletter


i)  Social

l  need to apply for (?) grant by January 15 (?)

l  we need a motion to decide what event we will do (with grant)

l  MOTION to use grant to have another Fall Supper: Todd

l  Seconded by Sherralee


l  Gary will fill out application form


j) Rink

l  Tim has repaired net and will return it

l  meeting (training) was good, he got some good ideas for running rink based on what other Community Associations do, for example for repairs

l  grass has been cut, looks good

  last year it wasn’t raked, makes it harder to make ice

l  Rod has been flooding, is a “lake”

l  in spring, need to maintain

l  shack – ran out of siding, should get some soon (were sent too little)

l  $73.61 over budget, may be more if we have to buy more siding

l  need new lights on shack – motion lights currently on shack don’t work

  since money budgeted for November flooding won’t be used (due to warm weather) that money can be used for this kind of maintenance

l  there is a hole in fence, will do temporary fix and next year will budget to permanently repair

l  keys for shack locks: Jorgen wants to know how any out there

  locks replaced last year, not too many out there

l  shack should not be opened during unsupervised times

  gives assumption of responsibility


k)  Football

l  vacant


l)  Members at Large

l  Gary may move to Social


m) Secretary

l  nothing to report


n)  Vice President’s Report

l  still learning, needs to be told what needs to be done


o)  Past President’s Report

l  Registration night is Thursday, January 8 in Bishop Pocock Community Room

  Nicole will book room

  Sherralee will ask Principals to put on school signs

      if they say no, need to rent signs

      need to rent one for Lakewood Community Centre’s lawn

p) President’s Report

l  absent


7.  Next meeting: January 19, 2009 at Wildwood School


8.  Adjournment:  MOTION Todd: 8:20