June 15, 2009

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Wildwood Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 15, 2009

Bishop Pocock School

In Attendance: Nicole Eramian, Jorgen Lorenzen, Henry Dutka, Bonnie McLaren, Terry Fusco, Keith Weisgerber, Erica Florizone, Sherralee Hanson. Chantelle Diakuw, Gary Baba

1. Call to Order: Chantelle at 7:38

2. Approve Agenda:

  • MOTION to approve agenda Nicole
  • Seconded by Erica

3. Approval of May minutes:

  • change the “approval of minutes from April meeting” that appeared in other business to the correct section
  • MOTION to accept minutes with above change: Gary
  • Seconded by Sherralee
  • carried

4. Finance:

  • Motion to accept: Keith
  • Seconded by Erica

5. Directors’ Reports

a) Rink

  • graffiti on shack again, will be fixed
  • the fence repair person didn’t show
  • boards need repainting
  •  get high school students to do it for Christian Ethics?
  • supervision issues
  •  no reason to apply for Dakota Dunes grant for this, apply for City grant next year
  •  defer discussion to fall, to see hat needs to be done
  • old snow blower needs to be reapaired
  •  Keith will take it in
  • haven’t heard from Kinsmen Football about using the shack
  •  (I don’t have it written down, but did we decide to not let them use it this year?)
  • may want to use for cross country ski storage, work with schools

b) Social

Warren the Balloon guy is booked for September 25

c) Civics

no report

d) Soccer

has invoice for jerseys, gave to Susan to give to Todd

indoor soccer, all jerseys returned

e) Softball

ball is almost done

new equipment is needed next year

may need to raise fees

f) Indoor Activities, youth

thank-you to board on behalf of soccer parents, Re: new soccer jerseys

thanks to Sherralee for doing communications

trying to co-ordinate new programs

 learn to knit, for ages 12+

 ultimate frisbee

 youth yoga

 dance

 walking club for adults

 family floor hockey

was going to drop football, but Tiffney knows someone (to run/coach it?)

kindersoccer had 15 people

g) Past President

thanks, it has been fun

h) Communications

Steve is waiting on OTV (?) Re: website

now have a Facebook group

signs: Terry gave Keith information, will be ready for Fall registration

dates for next year’s meetings/events will be on website

AGM/Registration night September 14

Board meeting September 21

i) Vice President

excited for next year

j) Secretary:

no report

k) other businesses

Terry has ideas for programming

 youth day at bike track, get experienced riders to show tricks etc.

 city offers golf seasons (should this say lessons) for youth, trying to get about 8 days for one adult and 3 kids to go

table for next year

get BMX association to come to Fall Supper/Fun Day

golf tournament as a fundraiser

6. Community Consultant’s Report

BMX track is up and going

in future: Rosewood multi-district park will have dirt bike course

Saskatchewan active family benefit FAQ on city’s website

7. Adjournment: Erica 8:44