December 2009

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Wildwood Community Association

Board of Directors General Meeting

December 14, 2009


Attendance – Jorgen Lorenzen, Chantelle Diakuw, Sherralee Hanson, Nicole Eramian, Todd Marien, Henry Dutka, Jerrett Bergovich

Meeting called to order at 7:39pm

Agenda approved. Motioned by Todd Marien Second by Jorgen Lorenzen. CARRIED

Adoption of minutes from October 2009 general meeting. Approved. Motioned by Sheralee Hanson Seocnd by Jorgen Lorenzen. CARRIED

Other Business

no other business

Community Consultant’s Report – Henry Dutka

Application for grant deadline is January 15, 2010. Send hard copy to Gary Baba.

Invitation for rink workshop. January 23 registration.

Henry Dutka is moving to another area. He will be the community consultant for King George/Pleasant Hill. New community consultant for Wildwood is Art Lord.

Finance Report – Todd Marien

Novmeber report as attached. Motioned by Todd Marien Second by Sheralee Hanson. CARRIED.

December report as attached. Motioned by Todd Marien Second by Jorgen Lorenzen. CARRIED.

Chantelle Diakuw will be authorized to sign cheques.

Todd will find someone to review books in the near future.

Indoor Activities Coordinator

– no report

Communications – Sherralee Hanson

No communication with web site design as of yet. To follow up in the new year.

Requests from the Arthritis Society and Heart of the city Piano Program to advertising on the web site. Motioned by Sheralee Hanson Second by Jerrett Bergovich Approved and CARRIED.

Request from DeMolay International to advertise on web site. Board needs to discuss further. To be tabled at next meeting.

Membership Co-ordinator

– no report

Soccer – Terry Fusco

no report


Basketball –

No report

Civics –

No report

Softball –

No report

Social – Gary Baba

No report

Rink – Jorgen Lorenzen

Shack is open for weekend of December 12, 2009.

There is a communication and posting board on the inside of the rink shack as well as some equipment for use by patrons.

Member at large – Nicole Eramain

No report


Secretary – Jerrett Bergovich

One registration for U6 soccer. Fee paid of $30.

Past President –

– No report

President – Chantelle Diakuw

Request from a personal trainer to advertise on the web site. Sherralee to contact.

Yoga instructor Doug Geiger is interested in teaching.

– Next meeting January 18, 2010

Meeting adjourned at 8:24pm. Motioned by Jorgen Lorenzen Second by Todd Marien CARRIED.