May 2010

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Wildwood Community Association

Board of Directors Meeting

May 17, 2010


Attendance – Jorgen Lorenzen, Chantelle Diakuw, Sherralee Hanson, Jerrett Bergovich, Art Lord, Terry Fusco, Nicole Eramian, Alison Kraft

Meeting called to order at 7:38pm

Agenda approved. Motioned by Sherralee Hanson. Second by Terry Fusco.

Adoption of minutes from April 19, 2010 Directors meeting. Motioned by Jorgen Lorenzen Second by Terry Fusco. CARRIED

Business arising from minutes

Fall program registration is Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at Wildwood School.


City of Saskatoon municipal manual received by Chantelle. Updates in the manual include civic function and operation.

Community Consultant’s Report – Art Lord

Report as attached.

Art to communicate with Todd regarding the rink operating grant.

A summary of the cost as a barrier grant. Verification of programs and advertising for such programming will have to better managed if community is to receive funding. New treasurer and president to be aware. Attached report as a example for association to revise our policy on cost as a barrier application.

Youth Funding Application deadline is June 15, 2010.

Volunteer Appreciation Night on April 29 did not have any representation from the association. It is recommended that there be representation in the future.

City owned shed near Bishop Pocock school is being used by Lakewood Soccer. Inquiry as to who has a key was made to the president of the Lakewood Soccer.

Finance Report – Todd Marien

No report

Indoor Activities Coordinator – Alison Kraft

Program schedule is in and each director that was involved with organizing the schedule will follow up with their own contracts and classes.

Art will forward the Leisure Guide schedule to Sherralee so she can put it in the newsletter.

Communications – Sherralee Hanson

Suggests a quarterly newsletter. A quote was received and the cost to print and deliver for two times, once as soon as possible and once in August 2010 is 568.70. Todd said this was financially feasible. Also suggested that there be mail outs from schools. Motion to try for one year by Terry Fusco, Seconded by Jorgen Lorenzen and Alison Kraft. All in favour. CARRIED.

Membership Co-ordinator

no report

Soccer – Terry Fusco

Kindersoccer has coach. 8 kids. Indoor soccer to run in the fall.

Football – Terry Fusco

Terry purchased new footballs. Motion to reimburse Terry $100.00 by Terry Fusco, Seconded by Jorgen Lorenzen. All in favor. CARRIED.

Golf – Terry Fusco

Golf has had a positive response.


Basketball – Jorgen Lorenzen

Advertise in the fall program.

Erica Florizone and Mark Boechler possible coaches for fall.

Civics – Denise Bandet Reaser

No report

Softball – Keith Weisgerber

No report

Social – Gary Baba

No report.

Rink – Jorgen Lorenzen

Rink improvement grant application is due.

Possible lessons for power skating and curling for winter 2010-11.

Member at large – Nicole Eramain

No report.

Secretary – Jerrett Bergovich

Final directors Meeting/Volunteer Appreciation Night June 14, 2010 at Bishop Pocock School.

Past President –

No report

President – Chantelle Diakuw

Any special requests for refreshments for the final meeting/volunteer appreciation night, let Chantelle know. RSVP a week prior.

Next meeting June 14, 2010 at 7:30pm at Bishop Pocock in the library

Meeting adjourned at 9:07pm. Motioned by Sherralee. Second by Terry. All in favor.