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Out of Your Tree
Out of Your Tree is an urban fruit sharing co-op in Saskatoon. The aim of the program is to cooperatively harvest as much edible fruit as possible before it ends up on
the ground, in the compost, or in the garbage. Homeowners register their fruit trees with the program and
volunteers are coordinated to pick the fruit when it is
ripe. The volunteers are not always able to pick every
tree in the city but for those trees they do harvest, 1/3 of
the fruit is kept by the homeowner, 1/3 of the fruit is
donated, and 1/3 of the fruit is kept by the volunteers.
You can register your fruit tree and/or sign up as a volunteer online at outofyourtree.org. You can get involved
as a volunteer coordinator in your neighborhood by contacting Out of Your Tree at outofyourtreeinsaskatoon@gmail.com or by phone at 306-655-4575 ext 231.

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