WCA Fall BBQ / AGM & Registration night will be Wednesday September 7, 5-8pm. Come out to Bishop Pocock School and join us for a fun evening with your Community! 
check out sports programs for a list of programs you & your family can register for this coming Fall…..

**** A reminder that we are looking to fill a few Board Positions ****

Volunteer Positions:


Role: Overall leader of the Community Association. Coordinates the activities of the Association to ensure the organization’s objectives are carried out.


1. Preside at the meetings

2. Prepare the agenda for each meeting

3. Ensure meetings run smoothly

4. Act on the community Associations behalf 5. Encourage new individuals to volunteer

Moderate time commitment.

Vice President

Role: Assist the president in overall leadership


1. In the absence of the president, he/she will act on the behalf of the president

2. Prepare grant applications

3. Watch for and encourage new individuals to volunteer

Light time commitment

Membership Coordinator

Role: Coordinate selling of memberships & maintain an accurate membership list


1. Type & maintain an accurate and up-to-date membership list.

2.Coordinate, organize and oversee the annual September membership Blitz.

3. Attend all indoor & outdoor program registrations

4. Watch for & encourage new individual to volunteer for community Association

Light time commitment

Soccer Coordinator

Role: Organize and coordinate the soccer program for the community Association in cooperation with Saskatoon Youth Soccer


1.Organize and coordinate registration for the age groups supported by Saskatoon youth soccer

2.Register Players, Develop teams with coaches & equipment. 3.Distribute & collect schedules and equipment

4.One meeting per season with fellow Coordinators in the Area to swap players & Address any concerns

5.Watch for & encourage new individuals to volunteer for the community Association

Seasonal Intense time commitment 


Role: Records all proceedings of the Community Association


1. Record and preserve the minutes of Board, Annual and special meetings of the Association.

2. Type up and distribute minutes of the meetings to all the Board members and community Consultant.

3. Make notification of the next meeting to all Executive members

4. Keep and maintain attendance records of executive

7. Watch for and encourage new individuals to volunteer for the Community Association

Light Time Commitment


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