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The City and its project partners, Graham Commuter Partners (GCP), continue to make progress on the North Commuter Parkway and the new Traffic Bridge which will be complete in October 2018.

Here is the video link –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxVedE5eYWc

The North Commuter Parkway will support the transportation needs of citizens who work in the Marquis and North Industrial Areas, reducing traffic on the city’s existing bridges. The new Traffic Bridge will support the growing city centre by allowing motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to cross the river between the downtown and residential areas in the south sector of the city. The new bridge will look similar to the old bridge, but will be wider to accommodate emergency vehicles. 

Traffic Bridge Update – July 2016

This month, concrete work on Pier 3 was completed. The pier is now able to support the installation of the new span expected later this summer. Work on the new south abutment was also completed and the south abutment walls are now being built. Construction on the north abutment has now begun. Renderings showing the design concept for the new pathways on the south side of the river were also released.

North Commuter Parkway Update – July 2016

Parkway Bridge

Crews continue construction on Pier 1 – the diaphragm for the pier has been poured and is being backfilled and the columns are being reinforced. Pier 1 construction will continue over the summer. Progress on earthworks for the east embankment of the bridge remains steady and in mid-July, pile driving for the east embankment will begin. Crews have also begun stripping and backfilling work on the west embankment. 

Parkway Roadways

Clearing and topsoil stripping for the new roadways is now complete and earthwork operations continue along McOrmond Drive and Central Avenue. Storm sewer construction for the new lanes of Central Avenue between Attridge Drive and Fedoruk Drive continues and should be complete in July, at which time overhead power lines will be relocated.

Work to improve the Attridge Drive and Central Avenue intersection continues and this work, as well the Marquis Drive and Wanuskewin Road intersection, should be complete by fall.

Traffic and Trails

Residents can continue to expect increased traffic at Marquis Drive and Wanuskewin Road as trucks haul materials to the bridge construction site. Traffic restrictions and lane closures remain in place to accommodate work at Central Avenue and Attridge Drive. Beginning in July, work will start at the intersection of the Marquis Drive and Wanuskewin Road. Citizens will be notified of traffic detours through the City’s Daily Road Report, road signage, and social media.

The Spadina Crescent detour the Broadway Bridge and 3rd Avenue will remain in place until the end of the construction period. The Saskatchewan Crescent eastbound detour to 11th Street and westbound detour to the Victoria Avenue on/off ramps will be in place until August 2016. Rotary Park and River Landing trail detours will continue through the construction period. Access to Crocus Prairie Trail from Central Avenue is closed until winter 2016. At times, the east sidewalk at Wanuskewin Road and Marquis Drive will be restricted for vehicle crossings

Ways to Watch Construction Progress

Anyone interested can keep an eye on construction progress on the City’s website. The webpage, saskatoon.ca/bridging,  includes quarterly video updates, live project webcams, time lapse videos, and photographs. Construction viewing areas are also in place at River Landing, and from the Meewasin Trail located just east of the cul de sac at the north end of Kinnear Avenue (north of Silverwood Golf Course).

Stay Safe Near Construction Zones

Citizens are reminded to obey traffic and Meewasin Trail detours, and to respect all safety measures in place including site fencing and site markings. The City is also reminding pedestrians to stay clear of work areas near the construction sites.

2.  Estimated 100,900 Potholes Repaired So Far This Year

Summer construction season is in full swing and hundreds of potholes and utility cuts are repaired across Saskatoon every day. Since April, the City has used 1,670 tonnes of asphalt to repair the equivalent of an estimated 100,900 potholes on city streets. Favourable weather and an early snow melt have contributed to quicker repairs than in previous years.

“Better roads is a top priority for residents and everyone can help by reporting potholes online,” says Trent Schmidt, Acting Director of Public Works. “We use the information to prioritize our repair locations and continue to improve our roads throughout the summer.”

In addition to pothole repairs, utility cut repairs are ahead of schedule with the backlog of outstanding repairs from winter work expected to be completed by mid-August.

“We’ve repaired more than 675 utility cut locations so far this season, compared to approximately 500 at this time last year.” says Schmidt. “We are not only repairing utility cuts faster, we are holding ourselves and contractors to higher quality standards.”

A utility cut is a straight-edged break in the pavement from an excavation to access underground utilities. Utility cuts are maintained with sand and gravel until they can be repaired with asphalt, and are often mistaken for large potholes.  

The City thanks everyone for respecting work zones and their patience as we repair potholes and utility cuts around Saskatoon. 

Residents are encouraged to use the City’s (link is here –  http://apps2.saskatoon.ca/app/aPotholeReporting/)  to report potholes and to consult the (link is here –  http://apps2.saskatoon.ca/app/aUtilityCutsPublic/). For more information please visit  https://www.saskatoon.ca/moving-around/driving-roadways/road-maintenance-repair.

Emergency road repairs can be reported by calling Public Works Customer Service at 306-975-2476.


Election Day for the 2016 Municipal and School Board elections is Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Eligible voters who anticipate being unable to vote at an Advance Poll (October 15 – 22, 2016 inclusive) or on the day of the 2016 Civic Election will still be available to participate in the Municipal Election through the mail-in ballot process.

Applications to vote by mail must be made in person at the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall (222 – 3rd Avenue North).

Voters who apply to vote by mail will be required to complete a voter’s registration form and to establish their identity and residence.

A Saskatchewan Drivers’ License is the best identification option for establishing your identity and residence.  Other identification options are available. To see the complete list of acceptable identification documents that you may use to establish your identity and residence, voters are encouraged to visit saskatoon.ca/election2016 or call 306-975-3240 for more information.

Voters who apply in person for a Mail-in Ballot will receive a ballot package in the mail in early October 2016. The package will include a ballot, instructions on how to complete the ballot and return the ballot package. A self-addressed return envelope will be provided.

Ballots must be received by the Returning Officer by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

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